man in high vis vest using virtual reality headset and controllers
Sep 15, 2022 / SkillsVR
Virtual Reality's ability to simulate risky and dangerous situations is among one of its most lauded and leveraged advantages, especially when it comes to training. Surgeons regularly train in VR so they don't operate on real, living human beings. Pilots use flight simulators to eliminate the risk of making mistakes in a flying, moving aircraft. […]

    VR Job Expos in Partnership with MSD Officially Kick Off

    Sep 5, 2022 / skillsvr
    SkillsVR in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) have officially kicked off the VR Jobs Expo program, happening all over Aotearoa New Zealand!

    Interview: SkillsVR on Cheddar News

    Mar 22, 2022 / skillsvr
    March 18 2022 ------ SkillsVR CEO James Coddington appeared recently on Cheddar News' tech segment Cheddar Innovates to talk about how SkillsVR's Virtual Reality Training platform is helping workers deal with difficult customers. During the 13th of March interview for Cheddar Innovates, James talks about the core of SkillsVR: an enterprise operating platform for VR […]

    The Digital Embassy: Turning Kiwis into Global Citizens

    Feb 2, 2022 / skillsvr
    SkillsVR, The Ministry of Social Development (MSD), and The Youth Group UK have partnered to create the Digital Embassy - where Kiwi rangatahi can access global mentors and skills, enabling them to thrive in today's world and become global citizens. Discover how these partnerships came together to help create The Digital Embassy, and the exciting […]
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