Why SkillsVR

Find a plan that works for you

Our growing catalog of VR Training modules caters to both technical and adaptive skills and span across a variety of industries, from construction and tourism to security and retail.

end-to-end solution

SkillsVR Enterprise
End-to-end enterprise-grade VR solution managed from one cockpit 
Proof-of-impact analytics, software integrations, access to a growing library of VR training content
User-based subscription
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Content Licensing
License SkillsVR training content to suit your organization's needs
Wide range of off-the-shelf VR content to choose from, with more modules consistently in the pipeline
Easy, one-off pricing
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Play Pack
Easy, one-off pricing
Get familiar with the technology while testing the efficacy of VR training for your organization
Cost-effective, one-off price

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