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Sep 15, 2022 

Virtual Reality Safety Training: Being Site Safe in VR

Sep 15, 2022 
Virtual Reality's ability to simulate risky and dangerous situations is among one of its most lauded and leveraged advantages, especially when it comes to training. Surgeons regularly train in VR so they don't operate on real, living human beings. Pilots use flight simulators to eliminate the risk of making mistakes in a flying, moving aircraft. […]
Apr 29, 2022 

How to Support Frontline Staff Dealing with Conflict and Unruly Customers

Apr 29, 2022 
During our conflict management VR training pilots, we accumulated valuable anecdotes and insights on what helps (and doesn’t help) most frontline staff when it comes to dealing with unruly or aggressive customers. 
Jul 5, 2021 

How does Industry Benefit from an Investment in Health and Safety?

Jul 5, 2021 
Globally, in 2019, companies spent more than $ 570 billion on Learning and Development. How effective is your health and safety training? Are the principles of health and safety genuinely ingrained ...
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