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VR Job Expos in Partnership with MSD Officially Kick Off

Sep 5, 2022 / SkillsVR

SkillsVR in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) have officially kicked off the VR Job Expo program, happening all over Aotearoa New Zealand!

Utilizing the latest innovations in Virtual Reality technology and immersive learning, SkillsVR & MSD are hosting VR Job Expos across the country to facilitate connection between employers and job seekers and make the future of learning accessible to our communities.

What is the VR Job Expo?

The Virtual Reality Job Expo or VR Job Expo is a joint initiative by MSD & SkillsVR, utilizing Virtual Reality technology as an attraction, training, assessment, and skills certification tool to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers all over Aotearoa.

SkillsVR and MSD have shared a long-standing partnership since 2019, creating gamified learning programs and VR training modules for various industries, including Construction, Tourism, Primary Industry, Water Operations, Security, Traffic Management, and many more.

The Expo is a safe and welcoming environment where attendees get to experience all these VR modules at their choosing! Whether they want to learn more about working in Prefabrication, or want to explore the many jobs available in Tourism, immersing themselves in as many as 12 potential work environments gives them a better idea of what kind of work the job entails. This helps them self-assess their affinity for that job. So if they decide kiwifruit picking isn't for them, for example, they can try a different module instead.

Local employers and training organizations also attend the Expo to provide employment information. Sometimes, people get interviews and job offers on the spot!

All in all, the VR Job Expo is a great way to bring the VR modules into service for the community, helping facilitate job seekers' employment journeys in a fun and engaging way.

"The idea is that people might consider an opportunity they hadn’t before, and that they will have a clearer idea of what’s involved in the work." MSD Nelson Regional Commissioner Craig Churchill, Stuff NZ

Upcoming VR Job Expo Dates (2022)

Below you'll find dates for upcoming VR Job Expos across the country. Check out when the next Expo is happening near you and get amongst!

  • 13 September - Canterbury Industry Partnership Fair Venue TBC (Canterbury)
  • 21 September - VR Job Expo, Ara Jobs and Skills Hub, Auckland Airport (Auckland)
  • 22-23 September - VR Job Expo, Hamilton Gardens (Waikato)
  • 4 October - Spring Into Work, Whakatane War Memorial Hall (Bay of Plenty)
  • 5 October - VR Job Expo, Hub West (Auckland)
  • 18 October - VR Job Expo, Tūranga Library (Christchurch)
  • 19 October - Spring Into Work, Toi Ohomai, Windermere Campus (Tauranga)
  • 1-2 November - VR Job Expo, Stoke Venue TBC (Nelson)
  • 11 November - VR Job Expo, Mt Smart Stadium (Auckland)
  • 23 November - V R Job Expo, Manukau Jobs and Skills Hub (Auckland)
  • 6-7 December - Southern Work Broker Meeting, St Clair Golf Club (Dunedin)

*Dates and events are subject to change. Please visit our VR Job Expo page for a list of up-to-date event details!

Get in touch with the team

Are you interested in attending one of the VR Job Expos as an employer or job seeker? Haere mai! Get in touch with our team today by emailing contact@skillsvr.com or call us at 0800 020 005 to confirm dates!

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