Multiplayer Co-Operative Scenarios That Gauge Employability.


Get immersed in a housing prefabrication factory to create as many prefab wall units as possible!

In the Prefabrication VR Scenario, each worker operates in unison on alternative sides of each step of the Prefab building process. Both participants need to work together and with the machines as they go through each step of a Prefab wall unit.

Prefabrication is one of the three VR Scenarios in the Soft Skills Assessment Series. Our Soft Skills Assessment Multiplayer VR Scenarios are a set of virtual reality, job-site training and assessment experiences that enable a cooperative experience for the learner. This series brings a sense of fun to a number of critical employment-based training games to encourage iteration and observation of soft skills and key employability dynamics so employers can assess future and current staff.

Each experience is designed to be 30-40 minutes long to fit into an organisation’s recruitment and onboarding process.

Measure Key Employability Dynamics

Gauge how participants view a situation and how their attitude determines their behavior.
Witness collaborative efforts from each participant that help them complete the task.
Problem Solving
Assess participants' ability to handle difficult or unexpected situations and calmly identify solutions.
Look out for displays of effective communication skills such as listening, sharing ideas, and more.
Confirm whether or not participants pay attention to detail, avoid distractions, and recall details when required.
Test if participants have a natural liking or understanding of the job at hand.

SkillsVR: Prefabrication Features

  • Multiplayer co-op game
  • Engaging and immersive
  • Hands-on
  • Applied learning
  • Scaleable
  • Learner driven
  • Controlled risk
  • Problem-centric

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