Virtual Reality Job Expo

Utilizing the latest innovations in Virtual Reality technology and immersive learning, SkillsVR & MSD are hosting VR Job Expos across the country to facilitate connection between employers and job seekers and make the future of learning accessible to our communities.
About the VR Job Expos
The Virtual Reality Job Expo or VR Job Expo is a joint initiative by MSD & SkillsVR, utilizing Virtual Reality technology as an attraction, training, assessment, and skills certification tool to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers all over Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Expo is a safe and welcoming environment where attendees get to experience all these VR modules at their choosing! Whether they want to learn more about working in Prefabrication, or want to explore the many jobs available in Tourism, immersing themselves in as many as 12 potential work environments gives them a better idea of what kind of work the job entails. 

We play, learn, and grow together!

Utilising VR Technology in Employment


Industry partners utilize VR technology to easily showcase work environments and various career opportunities to job seekers. 

Training & Assessment

Most SkillsVR modules have learning outcomes modeled against industry standards. Learners are trained and assessed automatically in VR.


After successful completion of training and assessment in VR, job seekers can earn certifications such as a SiteSafe Foundation Passport that further aids their career journey.

Upcoming VR Job Expo Dates

Haere mai!
4 October - Spring Into Work, Whakatane War Memorial Hall (Bay of Plenty)
5 October - VR Job Expo, Hub West (Auckland)

18 October - South Auckland Future Fest, Due Drop Events Centre (Auckland)
18 October - VR Job Expo, Tūranga Library (Christchurch)
19 October - Spring Into Work, Toi Ohomai, Windermere Campus (Tauranga)

2 November - VR Job Expo, Stoke Green Meadows (Nelson)
11 November - VR Job Expo, Mt Smart Stadium (Auckland)
23 November - VR Job Expo, Manukau Jobs and Skills Hub (Auckland)

    *mandatory field
    SiteSafe Foundation Passport
    Water Careers
    Security COA
    Food Hygiene Processes
    Conflict Management
    Working at Heights
    Confined Spaces
    Hazard Management


    Jacob Sitesafe

    Jacob, Blenheim

    Jacob is the first ever job seeker in New Zealand who earned his SiteSafe Foundation Passport in Virtual Reality!

    Matthew, Te Heke Mai

    "Such a cool and fun way of using technology to test out job industries!" 

    Te Heke Mai is a coaching programme that attended VR job expos to help support people who are looking for work, in training, or starting new jobs.

    Donna, Toi EDA

    "Through the 20-minute session in the  [Kiwifruit] VR module, I learned more about the kiwifruit, the vines, and the activity within pruning, than I have in my years of managing in the kiwifruit space!"

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