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Interview: SkillsVR on Cheddar News

Mar 22, 2022 / SkillsVR

March 18 2022 ------ SkillsVR CEO James Coddington appeared recently on Cheddar News' tech segment Cheddar Innovates to talk about how SkillsVR's Virtual Reality Training platform is helping workers deal with difficult customers.

During the 13th of March interview for Cheddar Innovates, James talks about the core of SkillsVR: an enterprise operating platform for VR that's agnostic to the hardware our customers use, providing administrative control, learning records, remote facilitation, proof-of-impact analytics, and verification of competency.

James also covers the awesome benefits of SkillsVR Training Modules: learning by doing and "being assessed by how well you apply the knowledge in a VR world."

When it comes to training frontline workers to deal with difficult customers, all workers need to do is put on the headset and do the Conflict Management VR training session for about 15 to 20 minutes. In the VR experience, workers learn how to stay calm when faced with difficult situations, tactical breathing, signs of escalation and aggressive behavior, and de-escalation techniques covered in the video below.

The interview carried on with a question on how we have utilize VR technology to deliver quality diversity training. James then explains our use of real-world scenarios simulated in virtual reality to evoke emotional responses, as well as simulated group discussions and personal interviews that help broaden the learners' perspectives.

This then helps learners to understand their own biases and world views, and the biases and world views of others, both in VR and in reality.

Source: Original footage from Cheddar News. Cheddar Innovates covers the latest and greatest in history, technology, science, and nature.

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