Creating safe, supportive, and inclusive environments

SkillsVR Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging aims to create understanding of the various perspectives that exist in any situation, and develop more thoughtful responses in light of them. Learners will come to understand the importance of moving past their own bias or initial judgements and taking a more considered approach to others.

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Meet Our Subject Matter Experts

Dr. Andrea Archibald
Ph.D., Applied Developmental Psychologist Specialised in DE&I and Mental Health Wellbeing
Chance Patterson
Strategic Advisor - Communications, Diversity & Inclusion, Organizational Culture and Social Impact

About This Module

The DIB module allows learners to approach the topic of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in a safe space. It features an emotionally charged scenario for participants to explore, reflectively engaging them and challenging them to consider any biases they may encounter in their response.

SkillsVR DIB operationalizes “soft skills” via measuring and harnessing three core inherent traits: self-awareness, curiosity, and empathy.

By the end of the SkillsVR DIB module, learners will be able to explore their personal attitudes and assumptions in a conflict situation, reflect on the perspectives of others, and consider alternate perspectives with empathy when engaging with others.


  • Total flexibility for timing and location of delivery
  • Immersive 3D-rendered environments
  • Gamified learning mechanics
  • Cyclical approach to learning, allowing users to engage through experience and reflection
  • Safe exploration of their own and others’ perspectives
  • Operationalizes “soft skills” via measuring and harnessing three core inherent traits: engagement, curiosity, and empathy

Learning Outcomes


  • The importance of seeing the totality of a person’s situation before responding, and understanding the issues driving behaviour.


  • Practice empathy and consider the perspectives of others when interacting with diverse people or potential conflicts.


  • That there are numerous valid perspectives on any situation, and understanding them helps us respond more equitably and openly.
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“The activities during the reflection stage were really helpful. It was such a lovely and peaceful environment and it made me feel safe to consider the topic.”


“Witnessing the scene as a by-stander as if I was really there made it a strong emotional experience, which helped me question my own thoughts and reactions in a safe space.”


“The 3D environments are really immersive! The art is impressive and realistic, and the facial expression on the 3D characters blew me away.”


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