Equipping  frontline staff with strategies to de-escalate and stay safe in conflict situations 

The SkillsVR Conflict Management Training Scenario is a proactive, preventative, and reflective way of teaching conflict management. 

From understanding the body’s natural response to conflict, to understanding the root causes, we prepare our learners with the right theory. They can then engage with aggressive and violent characters in the safest possible way, preparing them for similar situations they may encounter in the real world.

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Meet Our Subject Matter Expert

Quinton Swanson
Safety Culture Expert & Global Thought Leader 
in Conflict Management and Resolution

“The impact and potential to empower people is very inspiring. I'm very privileged and humbled to be part of this initiative.”

About This Module

With increasing levels of anxiety, mental health challenges, abusive, aggressive and violent behaviour towards frontline staff, navigating health and safety wellbeing compliance and governance has never been more challenging. It’s now more important than ever to equip frontline staff with proven strategies to de-escalate and stay safe in conflict situations. 

Within this fully immersive experience, the learner has the opportunity to safely manage conflict situations using proven techniques, developing resilience and confidence.

At the end of this module, learners will be able to assess a conflict situation and determine if the person is displaying neutral, escalated or violent behaviour based on their tones, gestures and space, use space and exit strategies to stay safe in situations involving a violent person, and much more. 


  • Total flexibility for timing and location of delivery
  • Customizable environments and exercises to suit an industry
  • Immersive scenarios provide safe but convincing conflict situations
  • Platform tracks body positioning and communication choices
  • Real-time communication between observers and learners for focused training
  • Platform monitors awareness, engagement, and follow up activities such as reporting
  • Escalating character responses to challenge learners
  • Flexible delivery options including in-house for larger organisations

Learning Outcomes


  • The signs of imminent violence, when to escape to safety, and how their actions can change the course of the interaction.


  • Self-manage their tones and gestures to facilitate de-escalation and escape a situation immediately when they identify violence.


  • Their safety and the safety of those around them is the most important thing in a conflict situation. 
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“The VR experience was an awesome way to place us in what felt like real-life situations and how to effectively deal with conflict, helping us all feel much safer when faced with a tricky customer.”


“This was a good experience to learn how to encounter difficult situations, and I was able to apply what I learned immediately and felt more relaxed dealing with upset customers than before!”


“The VR experience helped the situation feel a bit more real to be able to put what we learn into practice better.”


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