Mandatory Training For Certificates Of Approval

Mandatory training for 
Certificates of Approval

JBA, NZSA and MSD developed a ground-breaking Virtual Reality Security Training platform to deliver the mandatory COA training required for working in the security industry. Training and assessments are delivered by JBA/SkillsVR and moderated by Pop Training, an accredited provider of vocational education for a range of industries across New Zealand.

Partnered with a comprehensive e-learning suite, the SkillsVR Security: Conflict Management Training Scenario takes learners beyond the theory into practical exercises where they're confronted with real-life challenges based on actual day-to-day security industry events. Your staff can now practice conflict management in safe but immersive situations that mirror real-world contexts and demonstrate their competence in a hands-on way.

Assessors and trainers are empowered to provide individually tailored experiences through the Facilitator. This allows session recordings and notes to be captured, as well as provides instant feedback through real-time communication with the learner, wherever they are based. The Observation Record provides full evidence of the participants" achievements, the assessment process, and benchmark references for iterative learning.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess factors impacting on the conflict situation in a security context.
  • Develop and apply an action plan to manage the conflict situation.
  • Manage the conflict situation using physical projection techniques, body language, and more.
  • Implement post incident requirements and follow-up action, including reporting, debriefing, and more.
SkillsVR: Security Features
  • Total flexibility for timing and location of delivery
  • 11 real-world scenarios to encounter
  • Immersive scenarios provide safe but convincing conflict situations
  • Platform tracks body positioning and communication choices
  • Real-time communication between observers and learners for focused training
  • Platform monitors awareness, engagement, and follow up activities such as reporting
  • Escalating character responses to challenge learners
  • Flexible delivery options including in-house for larger organisations
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