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Traffic Control
Traffic Control

Controlling vehicle flow with great teamwork

Using their newly-found powers of traffic persuasion, learners control the flow of vehicles at a busy virtual construction site on a rainy day.
traffic controller holding stop go sign

Module highlights

Foundational training for controlling traffic at construction sites
On-the-spot problem solving to maintain traffic flow
Hands-on applied learning that requires great teamwork

About this module

In the Traffic Control VR module, participants must flip the sign (but not the drivers!) as they work with a teammate to ensure that traffic flow remains optimal and safe. Each participant communicates through radio and directs traffic safely to reach success—or the honking starts.

Traffic Control is one of the three VR Scenarios in the Soft Skills Assessment Series. Our Soft Skills Assessment Multiplayer VR Scenarios are a set of virtual reality, job-site training and assessment experiences that enable a cooperative experience for the learner. This series brings a sense of fun to a number of critical employment-based training games to encourage iteration and observation of soft skills and key employability dynamics so employers can assess future and current staff.

What learners will get out of this module

The value of their role in keeping everyone moving safely near work sites.
Use best practice procedures, teamwork, and communication to maintain and control traffic conditions near a virtual work site.
Following procedures, using clear communication, and solid teamwork will help keep people safe.

See how we’ve helped others

"It's quite nerve-wracking at first, but once you get into it, it's super easy!"

"Being able to radio communicate with my work partner like you can in real life is so next level. And a lot of fun!"

"Good fun getting to know what it takes to get this job done - trying to avoid getting honked at!"

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