Why SkillsVR
Security Certificate of Approval (CoA)

Entry-level certification for security staff

The SkillsVR Security training module is a training and assessment tool that covers basic security training to provide entry-level qualifications.

Module highlights

Effectively managing conflict situations in a security context
Developing and applying action plans to manage conflict
Practicing common security scenarios

About this module

This ground-breaking Virtual Reality Security Training platform delivers the mandatory COA (Certificate of Approval) training required for working in the security industry.

Partnered with a comprehensive e-learning suite, the SkillsVR Security: Conflict Management Training module takes learners beyond the theory into practical exercises where they're confronted with real-life challenges based on actual day-to-day security industry events.

New or existing security staff can practice conflict management in safe but immersive situations that mirror real-world contexts and demonstrate their competence in a practical, hands-on way.

Our subject matter expert

Quinton Swanson
Safety Culture Expert & Global Thought Leader in Conflict Management and Resolution
Quinton Swanson, commonly known as Q to his friends and colleagues, has years of experience training and teaching conflict management and personal safety across a variety of industries. 

Q has traveled to many countries around the world, coaching, teaching, instructing, and mentoring, sharing his expertise on conflict management to help create safer environments. 

“The impact and potential to empower people with VR training is very inspiring. I'm very privileged and humbled to be part of this initiative.”

What learners will get out of this module

Factors impacting a conflict situation, body language de-escalation techniques, and appropriate action plans.
Factors impacting a conflict situation, body language de-escalation techniques, and appropriate action plans.
That they are equipped and confident to handle conflict situations or know when to seek extra support.

See how we’ve helped others

"I like that I can practice real-life situations in VR without having to roleplay and just focus on the learning."

"Really great insights on how to use my body and hands to keep myself safe."

"This module got me thinking on my feet on how to deal with potentially risky situations while on the job. Great stuff!"

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