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Jobs in Tourism
Mission Report: Jobs in Tourism

Exploring jobs and roles in tourism

Discover jobs in tourism like never in Mission Report: Jobs in Tourism. Explore Tourism Town, get to know the people who work in the industry, and more!
tourists looking around the landscape

Module highlights

Complete flexibility for timing and location of delivery
Immersive 3D-rendered environments
Learner-led discovery of available work opportunities in tourism
Spy setup engages younger users and gamifies activities
VR smartwatch helps users navigate Tourism Town and complete objectives
Effective and engaging industry attraction tool

Module highlights

Exploring different sectors to gain knowledge of the industry
Roles and responsibilities within each sector
Assessing self-employability or affinity to a sector

About this module

The tourism industry was unquestionably one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic. The industry that was once reliant on migrant workers needed a stronger attraction strategy to introduce local talent to tourism and hospitality opportunities. Our partners, Go with Tourism, looked to SkillsVR to create an engaging VR module to help young people and students become familiar with the plethora of exciting roles across the tourism and hospitality sectors, and their own suitability for them.

The Jobs in Tourism module is built around the world of espionage, where students begin at a central ‘hub’ location. As a recruit, the learner gathers intel to infiltrate the industry, where they navigate to seven different environments that represent the industry sectors, meet people working in tourism to capture overview information, uncover job requirements, and find the role in tourism and hospitality that suits their strengths and personality the most.

The Jobs in Tourism module is rife with spy-related themes, such as handy spy gadgets, finding hidden clues, and more, to gamify the learning experience and make the learning fun and enjoyable.

Our subject matter expert

Jacqui McLean
Academic Director, Queenstown Resort College
Premier Tourism & Hospitality Business Management College
As Academic Director at Queenstown Resort College, Jacqui possesses the knowledge and experience of what it takes to be successful in the tourism industry. 

Living and teaching in Queenstown, New Zealand's most idyllic tourist destination, Jacqui's years of experience in a variety of tourism sectors gives SkillsVR the confidence that the module delivers its learning outcomes. 

Whether it's adventure tourism to hospitality, QRC prepares learners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence for learners to successfully pursue their chosen career.

What learners will get out of this module

After completing Mission Report: Jobs in Tourism, learners will be able to: identify work roles and jobs within each of the tourism sectors, describe skills, knowledge, personal attributes, and personal presentation requirements of work roles in tourism, and Evaluate themselves in relation to a work role in tourism.
Know basic tasks and remuneration for various tourism roles and understand the requirements for succeeding in specific tourism roles.
Identify roles in different sectors of the tourism industry and evaluate self with regard to selected role(s).
There are varied opportunities in tourism and everyone has the capacity to fill a role in the industry.

See how we’ve helped others

“Watching students go through, you could see how engaged they were with the material as opposed to just reading a book.” 

“Loved the storyline and exploring the environment as ‘gathering intel’!” 

“The number one thing I learned from going through the module [as a student] is that education can be fun and interactive!” 

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