Why SkillsVR

Rock the digging site operating a digger or truck

Rock the digging site while operating a digger or driving a truck and move as much earth as possible with a partner - all in virtual reality!

Module highlights

Operating a truck or digger safely in virtual reality
On-the-spot problem solving to avoid collisions while driving heavy machinery
Hands-on, applied learning that relies on teamwork and communication

About this module

In our Earthmoving VR module, participants learn how to efficiently operate a digger or drive a truck to collaboratively earn points before the timer runs out. But it's not that easy—they also need to drive their machinery safely and avoid collisions.

Earthmoving is one of the three VR Scenarios in the Soft Skills Assessment Series. Our Soft Skills Assessment Multiplayer VR Scenarios are a set of virtual reality, job-site training and assessment experiences that enable a cooperative experience for the learner. This series brings a sense of fun to a number of critical employment-based training games to encourage iteration and observation of soft skills and key employability dynamics so employers can assess future and current staff.

What learners will get out of this module

The basics of how to operate in unison as an excavator and dump truck team.
Use problem solving, communication, and team work to accomplish a virtual excavation job effectively and efficiently.
Using effective planning, communication, and teamwork will get the job done effectively and with minimal risk.

See how we’ve helped others

"It can get some getting used to - driving in VR. But once you get the hang of it, it's quite natural."

"It's a lot harder than you would think to get as much dirt as possible without collisions - that's quite realistic!"

"Learning how to operate an excavator is super fun in VR - takes away a lot of the fear and stress."

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