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Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness

Emotional intelligence

The SkillsVR Mental Wellness module guides learners in exploring the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence, applying EI concepts and tools in a variety of activities along a virtual City Square.

Module highlights

Identifying emotions using a mood wheel
Self-managing emotions
Calming the mind and body
Managing relationships
Foundational emotional intelligence (EQ) concepts
Communication skills

About this module

Set in an open, relaxed environment, learners spend a guided work break in the square via the Mental Wellness app, where they explore the four key aspects of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

The module guides learners through activities that are meaningful and beneficial to day to day life, including identifying emotions, calming the mind and body, managing emotional expression, and acknowledging others’ emotions.

Now more than ever - emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing are critical to creating supportive and healthy workplaces. The SkillsVR Mental Wellness Module is an approachable, scalable, and engaging way to improve emotional intelligence at work, and everywhere.

Our subject matter expert

Dr. Andrea Archibald
Developmental Psychologist,
Specialized in Mental Health
Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald - known as “Dr. A” to her SkillsVR colleagues - has extensive experience delivering curated mental wellness training to corporate bodies of all kinds across the United States.

Dr. Archibald’s work as an Applied Developmental Psychologist enables her to guide organizations toward a more holistic approach to mental health training. By using her specialized knowledge in DEI and mental wellness, she empowers both employer and employee to communicate with integrity, honesty, and authenticity around emotion.

She works with purpose-driven brands to engage and further the well-being, passions and potential of their stakeholders while advancing business objectives and driving social impact.

What learners will get out of this module

Foundational concepts and tools for emotional intelligence
Emotional and social management
Emotional intelligence is an important part of engaging with the one's self and with others

See how we’ve helped others

"I love the environment of this one, super calming and relaxing. The best module yet!"

"I feel like I learned a lot about managing my own emotions from doing this module."

"My favorite part was learning about identifying my own emotions and seeing how they affect my body."

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