Designed for Organisations

The SkillsVR Portal is your all-in-one administrative platform for VR training and certification, with intuitive tools and reporting that streamline training management.
From easy reporting to comprehensive data collection,
the SkillsVR Portal is both enterprise-ready and user-friendly.
Easy Dashboard Reporting
At SkillsVR, we make it easy to keep track of your organisation's training progress. The Portal Dashboard offers top-level insights on your organisation's Virtual Reality sessions. You can easily view how many sessions have been completed within a certain time frame, sorted by session type, scenario, location, and more.
Observation Records
Keep track of individual assessment outcomes in VR sessions and validate them against wider industry standards using our Observation Records. Training assessments and compliance have never been more streamlined!
Got any questions?
If you have any questions about the Web Portal's capabilities or how it works, get in touch with our team today!
Research-backed benefits of VR Training
Research papers looking into the benefits of virtual reality for employee training and business goals
More confident to act on what they learned after training
More focused than e-learners
Faster than classroom training on average
More emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners