Learning Webinars

Learning Webinars

The SkillsVR Learning Webinar Series is an interactive online learning experience that helps new and current staff learn or refresh key industry knowledge. Learning Webinars allow organisations to engage SkillsVR learners at scale which helps them verify competency of new recruits, their current team, or their subcontractors.

The webinars are visually aided with first-person footage from our immersive SkillsVR Training Scenarios, straight from a Virtual Reality headset, and test a learner’s knowledge and aptitude before, during, and after, with purpose-made surveys and polls so you can make the most out of your learning experience.

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Learning Webinars For Security

The Learning Webinar series for Security covers the necessary skills and knowledge security officers need to stay safe and resolve potential conflict situations, with learning outcomes based on COA training and validated by industry experts. These are visually aided with first-person footage from our immersive SkillsVR Training Scenario in Security, straight from a Virtual Reality headset.
Most importantly, you’ll learn valuable, up-to-date tips on how to stay safe while doing a great job as a security officer, thanks to insights from safety expert Quinton Swanson.
Security COA Webinar
Hospitality Security Webinar
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