Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to create a new SkillsVR Training Scenario?

SkillsVR scenario development takes 3 to 6 months, depending on the amount of training content we have available.

Is onboarding training provided?

Yes, we provide in-person onboarding training for all new customers on how to use every component of the SkillsVR Ecosystem.

Is ongoing technical support provided?

Yes. Our technical support team is available to help and answer your questions. We also provide onboarding manuals and technical manuals for easy troubleshooting.

Can I integrate the SkillsVR Ecosystem with my existing LMS?

Yes, this can be achieved via API Integration. Please contact us directly to set this up.

Can I see what the learner is doing inside the VR headset?

Yes, via the Facilitator, which allows for both third-person and first-person view of the learner’s VR session.

How do I measure training effectiveness in VR?

Every significant interaction within the VR Training Scenario is mapped to a learning outcome’s performance criteria via the Observation Record. You can measure competency gained via VR training on an individual or organizational level via the reporting system on the SkillsVR LMS Hub.

How do you fit so many learning outcomes in a short period of time?

Each SkillsVR Training Scenario tackles three to four primary learning outcomes, which are set in stone early in the learning design process via the Observation Record. These primary learning outcomes are directly addressed in the VR experience, while secondary outcomes are woven into the experience as efficiently as possible.

Will I get motion sick?

SkillsVR Training Scenarios are created to minimize, if not eliminate, interactions within the VR environment that may cause motion sickness.


How much does it cost to use SkillsVR?

SkillsVR operates as a SaaS model, so you only pay for the number of sessions you use within your chosen Pricing Plan. The cost is anywhere between $10 to $35 per session. Please visit our Pricing page to learn more about our pricing models.

How much does it cost to buy versus lease a headset?

Purchasing your own untethered VR headset costs anywhere from 299 to 899 USD. Leasing to own costs 150 USD + GST per month over 5 months, or 200 NZD + GST per month over 5 months.

Does it cost extra to download/install a different SkillsVR Training Scenario?

No, there is no associated cost with downloading/installing a SkillsVR Training Scenario. When you use the newly installed module, you will be charged per session or in accordance with your Pricing plan.

What are my options to build a bespoke VR Training Scenario?

Please contact us to speak to one of our Sales team members. They will arrange a consultation with you to uncover the best solution for your needs and provide an obligation-free quote.

Troubleshooting Tips

- Check that both devices are connected to the internet.

- Check that you’re using the correct session codes.

- Check that controller batteries have enough power.

- Connect to a strong Wi-Fi connection with a minimum 2MB upload and 2MB download speed.

- Check that your organization’s Wi-Fi firewall is not blocking headset access.

- Restart the Facilitator and/or the VR Training Scenario.

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