Examine The Risks And Requirements For Working At Heights Around
Hazard Harbor, An Immersive Worksite At A Busy Port Location.

Harness the power of VR for 
Working at Heights

SkillsVR offers an immersive approach to understanding the risks and requirements for equipment used when working at heights. Theory becomes practice with practical and engaging learning experiences enabled by the power of virtual reality.

The Hazard Harbour provides a variety of real-for learners to assess the kinds of equipment to use and how best to employ them. Engaging and interactive environments bring the theoretical knowledge to life for more effective and engaging learning experiences, covering equipment selection, requirements and associated risks, and the parties responsible for managing them.

Paired with the VR experience is a custom Facilitator, designed to bring trainers and assessors into the environment, regardless of location. With real-time communication and the capacity to record notes and activity, the tool allows facilitators to streamline the training process and capture comprehensive records for complete and targeted training experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the legislative requirements associated with working at heights.
  • Learn duties of each responsible party and hazard identification and control.
  • Explain the systems suitable for working at heights.
  • Identify different access systems and application of safety nets.
  • Explain different types of safety belts and harnesses
SkillsVR: Working At Heights  Features
  • Review six key working at heights tools across numerous locations
  • Randomised scenes provide unique learning opportunities
  • Explore equipment choices, requirements and responsibilities
  • Engage with realistic situations with minimal real-world risk
  • Connect learners and observers across locations
  • Consider industry requirements and real-world risks
  • Based on industry accepted standards
  • Flexible pricing model
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