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Building safer and healthier work sites

The SkillsVR SiteSafe virtual module trains, assesses, and verifies the competency of workers in both construction and civil industries, so they can be issued a SifeSafe Foundation Passport.

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About This Module

In the SiteSafe VR training module, learners explore current health and safety practices for all workers on a site, keeping safety front of mind to make sure that they can get home to their families.

To create an effective and engaging experience, learners spend the day on a construction site and complete various activities for different work sites. Activities such as learning which PPE to use for specific jobs, the steps required to prepare a site so it’s safe to do the work, and identifying any hazards they see and applying the most effective controls for those hazards.

The module also raises awareness on mental health topics such as workplace bullying, creating a more holistic view of what it really means to be safe on-site.

Learning Outcomes


  • Risk management basics and the necessary steps to make a site safe for work to reduce or eliminate risk


  • Perform PPE safety checks, reduce injuries, model safety practices, report unsafe actions, and identify hazards on the worksite


  • Health and safety is about looking after physical and mental health, and that poor practices increase the chance of injury
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"It feels like I learned a lot from this module about the industry - really comprehensive!"


“This foundational training is great for the apprentices that I look after.


“I can really see the industry using and adapting this!"


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