Enter The Hazard Factory, A Dynamic And Ever-Changing Work Environment.

Enter the Hazard Factory, a dynamic and ever-changing work environment

SkillsVR Hazard Management brings traditional health and safety training to life. By harnessing the immersive power of virtual reality, the training puts learners in real-world settings, taking the theory of identifying and assessing workplace risks and applying it in a virtual environment.

Users will explore four workplace settings, each with a randomized array of real-world hazards, all from the convenience of your office or training site. The portable VR units make hands-on training accessible and efficient, reducing the time to competence and increasing learner engagement.

A custom facilitator app connects users and instructors, enabling them to record sessions and notes within the tool. The app allows for focused, uninterrupted assessment and provides direct communication between trainers and learners for individualized instruction.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the principles of health and safety risk assessment.
  • Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry good practice.
  • Identify workplace hazards and assess risks in a workplace.
  • Identify control measures to manage risk and monitor managed risks.
SkillsVR: Hazard Management Features
  • 4 immersive workplace environments
  • Click-to-capture camera tool for hazard identification
  • Real-time communication between facilitator and user
  • Randomised hazards make each session unique
  • Intuitive and easy controls encourage active learning
  • Includes PPE awareness and activities
  • Based on industry accepted standards
  • Flexible pricing model
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