Visit The Hazard Factory Yard For An Immersive Experience Exploring The Challenges Of Working In Confined Spaces.

Challenges of confined spaces

The Confined Spaces VR scenario provides immersive and interactive training for staff, in a safe and engaging environment.

The virtual environment covers equipment, risks and responsibilities for typical enclosed-work scenarios, giving learners hands-on experience to cement theory into practice. They’re able to work through the potential dangers in a safe but realistic setting, providing a highly engaging context for better learning outcomes.

Paired with the VR tool is a versatile Facilitator app that allows trainers and assessors to interact with and observe the virtual environment in real time. Full recording and note capabilities provide a comprehensive record of competence and allow observers to track user progress through iterative learning cycles.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of confined spaces, and their permit notification and implementation requirements.
  • Identify control measures to eliminate, isolate, and minimise the risk of hazards in confined spaces.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of monitoring and confined space testing requirements.
  • Describe the responsibilities and duties of people entering confined spaces or conducting observation duties for confined spaces.
SkillsVR: Confined Spaces Features
  • Immersive Storage Tank and Storm Drain environments
  • Pre-entry and active management activities
  • Emergency response planning and action
  • Easy to use controls for hands-on learning
  • Covers documentation and practical action
  • Connects learners and observers virtually, in real time
  • Based on industry accepted standards
  • Flexible pricing model
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