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Module Builder
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At SkillsVR, we only use the latest in virtual reality technology, utilizing the most up-to-date hardware from trusted virtual reality hardware brands.

Create and build VR modules in a snap

Integrate any existing VR hardware or begin your VR journey with SkillsVR!
Create a new module or upload existing VR content onto the platform with APK uploading capabilities.
Learning outcomes for each module, customizable to your organization’s training needs.
Track creation status as assigned developers build your module to your specifications.

Module creation

Create a new module or upload existing VR content onto the platform with APK uploading capabilities.

Using our platform, you can specify learning outcomes, assign a VR content developer, track module creation status, filter your content results, give module access to specific groups and learners, and more!

Customize learning outcomes

Learning outcomes within Learning Records are customizable according to your organisation’s training needs.

Whether you need to track the percentage achieved, pass or fail, or want to take a more evidence-based approached, our learning record builder connects your VR module to in-headset actions to ensure it tracks and reports on all the specified learning outcomes.

Get it built

Once you assign a game developer to bring your vision to life, they receive instructions to develop your module based on your specifications.

You can expect each module to take a different amount of time to develop depending on its complexity. Once ready, developers can upload the APK onto our platform so it’s ready for testing and publishing.

See what we can do for your business

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