Why SkillsVR
Learning Records
Learning Records
Putting the
learning first
The SkillsVR Learning Record provides a customisable, consistent, and measurable approach to learning.

Proof-of-impact against learning outcomes

Training assessment and compliance have never been more streamlined!
Measurable learning
Tech innovations have made it possible for us to seamlessly design interactions in virtual reality to be as user-friendly as possible!
Portability, ergonomic design, fast processing capabilities, built-in safety systems, and more -- VR continues to innovate.
Organization accountability
Collect evidence of performance for training and assessment moderation.

Consistent, measurable learning

The SkillsVR Learning Record provides a detailed and standardised record of every interaction in the Virtual Reality experience relevant to the training and assessment. This means measurable learning that’s consistent across your teams both in delivery and reporting.

Learning Records are broken down by learning objective and performance criteria to accurately assess competency across your entire organization and find potential training gaps.

Proof-of-impact analytics

Data from the Learning Record can be managed at an individual or organizational level, populating within an interactive dashboard that improves insights and benchmarking over time.

This ability to drill into the data allows organizations to gain greater Learning and Development insights quickly and accurately, so you can create more valuable training opportunities within your organization.

Organization accountability

Not only does the Learning Record keep an accurate and in-depth account of a learner’s performance against a learning outcome, it also automatically collects evidence of performance where applicable, including voice notes, video footage, and more!

Learning Records further empower training facilitators to simplify performance recording and create notes required for assessment moderation.

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