Why SkillsVR
Learner Management
Learner Management
Track group and
individual success
With or without SSO integration, the SkillsVR platform allows you to manage your learners and track training progress and results across the organization.

Manage, monitor, and 
reward learner performance

Single sign-on
Simplify the login process for your staff with single sign-on (SS).
User management
Upload all of your users at once and customize their location, role, training status, and more!
Monitor outcomes
Each learner has their Learning Records attached to their account so you can access individual performance at a glance.

One universal login

With single sign-on (SSO) integration, you and your learners won’t have to create new accounts on our platform.

SkillsVR can enable your staff to securely authenticate with your existing applications, website, and our platform by using just one set of credentials!

Manage users and learners at scale

Whether you have multiple locations and different teams across those locations, or have hundreds or thousands of learners to train, we’ve anticipated your business’ scalability needs.

Using our user management tools, you can upload learners all at once, create custom user groups to mimic your organization’s team structure, set up permissions, and more!

Monitor team and individual outcomes

Get high-level insights or access detailed learner performance - all in one place.

Each learner profile on our platform includes training results information for each VR training module. And using groups and subgroups, our platform automatically aggregates individual learner data so you can track performance across a set of learners.

See what we can do for your business

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