Why SkillsVR
The latest in VR innovation
At SkillsVR, we only use the latest in virtual reality technology, utilizing the most up-to-date hardware from trusted virtual reality hardware brands.

Get devices or use your own

Integrate any existing VR hardware or begin your VR journey with SkillsVR!
Tech innovations have made it possible for us to seamlessly design interactions in virtual reality to be as user-friendly as possible!
Portability, ergonomic design, fast processing capabilities, built-in safety systems, and more -- VR continues to innovate.
Platform  integration
We easily integrate your existing VR hardware onto our platform so you can start extracting valuable insights from VR training sessions!

Easy to use

While VR headsets and controllers may look complicated at first glance, we’ve simplified the controls to ensure minimal cognitive load. We only support straightforward functionalities such as point-and-click, grab-and-let-go, and other intuitive actions to ensure the focus stays on the learning.

This means learners won’t need to learn how to use any extra buttons. Just put on the headset, strap on your controllers, and away you go!

Packed with awesome features

The VR hardware we utilize come with its own set of features, including ergonomic design, fast processing capabilities, optical environment tracking, built-in safety systems, and easy software integration.

All of these combined enable us to create immersive experiences that support learning by doing within our world-leading skills training platform, resulting in faster training, better learning, and improved retention.

Platform integration

SkillsVR devices are fully integrated with and connected to the Enterprise platform, ensuring data is always being sent to and from the headset,

Not only that, your in-headset experience is fully customisable to match your brand look and feel and can be accessed via Single-Sign-On (SSO).

See what we can do for your business

Ready to provide highly effective, efficient, and engaging training to supercharge your staff? Get in touch to start your SkillsVR journey today!
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