Why SkillsVR
The homepage
of the platform
The homepage of the Enterprise platform, the Dashboard provides an overview of your entire VR training ecosystem.

Bird’s eye view of your 
VR training ecosystem

Stay up-to-speed
Recent VR training activity across your organization - right on the front page!
Keep tasks top-of-mind
No module left behind! The Dashboard will keep incomplete module creation tasks top-of-mind.
Visual statistics
Who doesn’t love a good graph? We certainly do! Track your most valuable statistics at a glance.

View recent training activity

There’s no need to go digging for your most relevant training information - all recent VR training activity across your organization is right on your front page!

See which VR training modules your learners are currently focusing on and dive into specific module information right from the Dashboard.

Track module completion status 

The Dashboard keeps module creation tasks top-of-mind to ensure there’s no module left behind.

Whether your module is unpublished or in draft mode, easily click into each module on your to-do list to continue where you left off or to track each module’s status.

Monitor user and training statistics

Track your most valuable statistics across any specific timespan at a glance with easy-to-read graphs!

View active and new users in your organization as well as any started and completed VR training sessions across your platform’s entire training lifetime, easily filtered by hour, day, week, month, or year.

See what we can do for your business

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