Why SkillsVR
Content Management
Content Management
Easily manage
VR content
Simplify VR content management across all levels in your organization with content management tools on Enterprise.

VR content management at your fingertips

Manage VR content across hundreds or thousands of learners in your organization with a simple push of a button.
Customize access
Personalized VR training is easier than ever. With Enterprise, you can customize training content for each of your teams and learners.
Upload content
Upload any existing VR training content onto the platform and create bespoke Learning Records.
Over-the-air commands
No more tethered or manual downloading and uploading! Enterprise lets you manage VR device content directly on the platform.

Customize all your access points

From logins and platform permissions to personalized VR libraries in each headset, it’s easy to set up access points across your training ecosystem.

Whether you want to provide only the relevant content to your staff to focus on key training programs and skills, or need to appoint a number of facilitators and admins, with Enterprise you can do it all.

Upload existing training content

Already have your own VR training content? Integrate your existing VR modules onto the platform using our easy-to-follow process and built-in APKs!

Access to our Module Builder also means you can create bespoke Learning Records for your content and start extracting valuable training data.

Get wireless delivery of content & updates

Say goodbye to manually downloading and uploading content to hundreds of headsets. Using Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities, you can quickly manage device content via the Platform and personalize content for each learner.

Managing content files directly on your device becomes a thing of the past - our platform syncs content updates automatically for a true portable, wireless VR training solution.

See what we can do for your business

Ready to provide highly effective, efficient, and engaging training to supercharge your staff? Get in touch to start your SkillsVR journey today!
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