Why SkillsVR
Better Quality Learning
Our Design 
At SkillsVR, we utilize tried and tested learning philosophies, industry experience, and the latest in immersive training research to provide better quality learning for all.
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Our learning values and principles

SkillsVR learning designers follow the three Es of SkillsVR learning, ensuring our VR modules are: engaging, efficient, and effective.
Education at SkillsVR is an interactive, immersive and engaging experience, encouraging exploration and understanding of concepts in a safe and fun environment. Our approach facilitates further independent learning and fosters curiosity.
Learning at SkillsVR is supported, repeatable, and personal. It translates virtual experiences and practice into real-world actions, beliefs, and knowledge.
We know learning is happening at SkillsVR when people choose to engage meaningfully with the experiences. Learners explore, understand concepts, and develop skills as shown through real-world change, analytics, and further engagement.

Our design values and principles

Within each learning principle is a set VR experience standard that we aim to achieve with every module we create.

Fun designs

Our learners should feel inspired, self-motivated to continue, and that they are having “too much fun".

Game design principles

Our designs use discovery and exploration mechanics to empower learners, leveraging gameplay loops to encourage iterative learning as well as reward structures (payoffs for immediate and long-term goals).

Solve problems

Our designs are focused on industry learning outcomes, established at the start with key stakeholders, fixing industry problems, removing barriers, and making sure they do not add unnecessary complexity.

Learning design principles

Our designs leverage teaching expertise, build on solid and well-researched Instructional Design (ID) documentation.

Learner centric

Our scenarios are short, respect a learner's literacy level, remove barriers to using the technology, and help learners transcend their disabilities.

Smart design

Our designs leverage intuitive interactions and activities and are designed with a unified ecosystem so that learners can transition between experiences seamlessly

Intuitive design

Our designs aim to replicate real-world interactions where possible, with user interface that aligns as closely as possible to reality to help focus learners on the training.

Guiding principles of our work

Our design guiding principles encompass our individual and collective beliefs and values, guiding us irrespective of changes in our goals, strategies, or type of work.
The affordances of technology are used to enhance humanity in an ethical and responsible way – we ask probing questions about what the technology is doing and what it might do.
We consider human flourishing within the holistic Māori health model of Te Whare Tapa Whā - taha tinana (physical health), taha wairua (spiritual health), taha whānau (family health), taha hinengaro (mental health) (Durie, 1985). This model influences both the way in which we work together and the ways in which we design learning experiences for participants.
We commit to act, design, and create from a place of Aroha. Creating a safe space built on trust and understanding.
We aspire to consistently keep in mind the bigger picture of the Infinite Game (Carse, 1986), while acknowledging we live within many finite games and requirements.
We embrace the challenge to move from technology as substitution to technology as redefinition as we design learning experiences.
We design universally to make our experiences accessible and inclusive. Committing to adapting with our changing world.
We fail fast and commit to acting with vulnerability and integrity, challenging ourselves to produce the best possible learning for the users.

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