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Water Careers
Water Careers

Get to know the thriving water industry

Both an attraction and assessment piece, the SkillsVR Water Careers module takes learners through the industry’s value in the community and its many job opportunities!

Module highlights

Required paperwork for jobs in confined spaces
PPE and equipment selection for specific jobs
Hazard control and entrant monitoring

About this module

This immersive experience revolves around the water network’s critical role in keeping our communities safe and healthy. Learners explore the entire network from the source to the ocean and meet some of the people that keep the network flowing, discovering job opportunities for those looking to turn the tap on their career. They’ll also have heaps of fun along the way!

The training and assessment section thrusts learners into a drinking water outage situation, where they’re guided through the steps required to restore the network and ensure that clean and healthy water is delivered to a residential street.

Packed with fun, games, and hands-on experiences, the Water Careers module is both an attraction and assessment tool for recruiting and onboarding people into the industry, showcasing what it takes to be successful in Water Operations.

What learners will get out of this module

The different career paths in the water industry and the type of work required for those roles.
Identify suitable methods and materials to repair broken water distribution and demonstrate safe operation of tools, machinery, and equipment.
The industry provides meaningful career opportunities for a diverse range of people that might be seeking employment.

See how we’ve helped others

“I like that it's actually physically getting you to do the motions and actually act things out, like twisting the handle to turn off the water.”

“I never knew how to fix an actual pipe before. Now I actually have an idea of how they do it."

"This module gave me a good idea of what jobs there are in the industry and what the work would be like."

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