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Food Safety and Hygiene Processes
Food Safety and Hygiene Processes

good hygiene
practices in food

Explore our immersive food processing factory while learning and applying crucial food safety concepts along the way.

Module highlights

Gain foundational knowledge of food contamination
Understanding basic hygiene processes
Learning to wear appropriate protective gear

About this module

This module was originally created for a Mussels operation in a rural area, helping provide job opportunities to locals who have experienced intergenerational unemployment. The isolated nature of the area made it difficult for commercial businesses to thrive, leading to a lack of jobs for locals.

The primary food processing facility opened in 2021, and the organization needed a training solution that was scalable and catered to a diverse range of people to overcome learning barriers. In partnership with the local government, SkillsVR created this training module, closely modeling the environment and learning outcomes of the physical facility and its strict hygiene practices.

What learners will get out of this module

Identify sources of and actions for prevention and the consequences of product contamination, describe the hygiene requirements for the prevention of food borne diseases, and comply with hygiene requirements.
Explain how to handle contaminated products in the workplace, explain what to do if you find something unhygienic, and demonstrate the procedure for how protective clothing is stored, worn, cleaned and disposed of.
If food safety practices are not adhered to, there consumers can suffer from dire or fatal consequences from eating contaminated products and markets may be lost as customers may not want to buy products again after a contamination happens

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“The level of engagement is outstanding, the ability to engage with people and subject matter is really impressive and I believe this type of training is the ‘future’.”

“I looooooove the shrinkinator and the lab environment as a whole! It is a fun, unique, and instantly memorable way of learning about harmful pathogens.”

“The module is really immersive - I was surprised to see my virtual self in the mirror while taking off jewelry! The VR training definitely made me feel more comfortable and prepared for my first day of work so I know what to look out for.”

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