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Confined Spaces
Confined Spaces

Exploring the challenges of working in confined spaces

The SkillsVR Confined Spaces module provides immersive and interactive training for staff, in a safe and engaging environment.
man in high vis crouching in front of circular tank

Module highlights

Required paperwork for jobs in confined spaces
PPE and equipment selection for specific jobs
Hazard control and entrant monitoring

About this module

The virtual reality Confined Spaces training module covers equipment, risks, and responsibilities for typical enclosed-work scenarios, giving learners hands-on experience to cement theory into practice.

In this module, learners gain foundational knowledge on the safety needs and paperwork required to do confined space work. They also work through its potential dangers by monitoring an entrant. This safe but realistic setting provides highly engaging context for better learning outcomes.

What learners will get out of this module

Demonstrate knowledge of permit notifications, implementation, monitoring, and confined space testing requirements.
Identify control measures to eliminate, isolate, and minimize the risk of hazards in confined spaces.
Responsibilities and duties of people entering and monitoring work in confined space are  both non-negotiable.

See how we’ve helped others

"Comprehensive coverage of what's required for confined spaces."

"It really drives home how important it is to follow safety procedures - it gets pretty real in there!"

"This gave me really good insight on how important confined space work is."

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