Why SkillsVR

VR Training Content Library

Our growing catalog of VR Training modules caters to both technical and adaptive skills and span across a variety of industries, from construction and tourism to security and retail.

Playing, Learning, and Growing Together

At SkillsVR, we take a collaborative approach to creating and sourcing VR training modules to ensure they create the right impact.
Testing new ways of utilizing virtual reality technology and taking a playful and engaging approach to learning design, we put the game in gamified learning.
We collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) and lean on their expertise to create relevant, engaging, & effective immersive experiences that make the most of VR's superpowers.
Our relentless growth mindset keeps us flexible and pushing through any challenge, so we can achieve our goal of helping create humans who are better humans.

Learn Industry and Adaptive Skills

Our library of VR training content spans from industry-specific training to cross-industry adaptive skills training.

Industry Skills

Deliver training specific to your industry that's safer, faster, and smarter. From construction to food processing and tourism to security, our training content is built in partnership with industry experts to ensure it caters to your unique needs.

Adaptive Skills

At SkillsVR, adaptive skills are our specialty. Adaptive skills, or soft skills, are skills for everyday life - not just for work! From communication skills and conflict management to diversity training and sustainability, our Four Pillars of Adaptive Skills help humans be better humans.
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Global VR Training Marketplace

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