Intelligent Verification of Competency

SkillsVR Verify is a governance and industry benchmarking tool that provides Verification of Competency for individuals unlike any other.

Verification of Competency Platform

Whether you"re recruiting, assessing skills/training needs, or pre-qualifying supply chain partners, SkillsVR Verify is a faster, smarter, and safer solution to your verification of competency (VOC).

Industry Benchmarking

SkillsVR Verify data is populated into an interactive dashboard, which informs and benchmarks your organization’s competency level against specific industry, country (e.g. OSHA/NZQA), or customised standards of your choice.

Smarter Organizational Insights

The aggregated data pool leads to smarter insights, aiding better decision-making to reduce risk and improve governance, while improving skills training and sustainable employment outcomes.

Improved Industry Standards

Verify gives industries the ability to have a central database that assesses and verifies competency in a smarter, faster and more consistent method. As data points and intelligent insights grow, organizations will seek to improve internal competency levels, continuously pushing and improving benchmarks and standards industry-wide.

The Benefits of SkillsVR Verify

Consistent approach to verification of competency across core skills

Faster, smarter and safer way to assess and benchmark competency

Industry led assessment of competency insights and benchmarking overtime

Verification of Competency leads to appropriate training to reduce risk

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Recent SkillsVR Scenarios

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Working at Heights

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Rock the digging site while manually operating a digger or driving a truck and move as much earth as possible within the time limit.

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Traffic Control

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Hazard Management
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Hazard Management

Enter the Hazard Factory, a dynamic and ever-changing work environment and identify, assess, and manage risks.

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