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to build competence
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The only industry-moderated library of the world's best Virtual Reality training programs and gamified learning software.



Facilitators power our remote VR training capability, with features such as session recordings, remote communication, and more!



An all-in-one training management system and administrative portal, where you can easily manage accounts, devices, training reports, VR sessions, and more!

Observation Record

Observation Record

Map learner actions in VR Training Scenarios against learning outcomes with the Observation Record, and provide top-level visibility in training and assessment performance.



Our governance and industry benchmarking platform provides Verification of Competency via anonymous data aggregation and analysis.



At SkillsVR, we only use the latest in virtual reality technology, utilising the most up-to-date hardware from trusted VR brands Pico and Oculus.

The hardware comes with its own set of features, including ergonomic design, fast processing capabilities, optical environment tracking, built-in safety systems, and easy software integration. All of these combined enable us to create immersive experiences within our world-leading skills training platform, resulting in faster training, better learning, and improved retention to enable people to achieve their true potential.



SkillsVR Training Scenarios are developed by our in-house Learning Design and Development teams, created in conjunction with (and carefully validated by) industry and subject matter experts.

Training Scenarios are integrated into the hardware we deploy, and coupled with a unique Facilitator desktop application that enables remote training capabilities.

Benefits Of VR Training

More confident to act on
what they learned after
More focused than e-learners
Faster than classroom training on average
emotionally connected
More emotionally connected
to the content than
classroom learners
- PWC Study on Soft Skills Training in Virtual Reality

Why Use SkillsVR?

strength Behavioural

Creates meaningful and sustainable learning that can be applied in real life

globalthinking Immersive Learning

Encourages learning by doing

hierachy2 Validated by Subject Matter Experts

In house developed platform validated by subject matter experts

global Remote Training Capabilities

Portable training tool that’s Wi-FI enabled

cost effective Cost Effective and Scalable

Delivers learning outcomes faster and cheaper

Target Consistent Learning Outcomes

Inclusive to all learning audiences while providing a homogenous experience and assessment criteria

Ready To See For

Training Mode

Training mode is intended for skill-building. Users do not require a facilitator present and are able to re-try the VR scenarios as many times as they like during a single session. All the results are recorded, and if a facilitator is present (optional), the session can be saved for viewing and critique afterwards.

Assessment Mode

Assessment mode is intended for working towards industry-accepted standard qualifications. It requires a Qualified Assessor to participate as a facilitator and observe the learner as they complete the VR scenario. Learners have a single attempt at completing the VR scenario and gain a passing mark.

The assessment fee includes the cost of the Qualified Assessor, reporting fees, and any other administration required for working towards the qualifications.



We provide ongoing support for existing customers. Visit our FAQ and Support page for more information, or don’t hesitate to Contact Us to get in touch with our technical support team.

Health and Safety


SkillsVR is designed to minimize (if not eliminate) interactions within the VR environment that could induce nausea or dizziness. Please refer to our Onboarding Guides for detailed Health and Safety Guidelines.

Recent SkillsVR Scenarios

Security: Conflict Management
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Security: Conflict Management

A ground-breaking Virtual Reality Security Training platform to deliver the mandatory COA training required for working in the security industry.

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Immerse yourself in a housing prefabrication factory and create as many prefab wall units with a partner as possible!

Confined Spaces
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Confined Spaces

Visit the Hazard Factory yard for an immersive experience exploring the challenges and health and safety regulations of working in confined spaces.

Hazard Management
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Hazard Management

Enter the Hazard Factory, a dynamic and ever-changing work environment and identify, assess, and manage risks.

Traffic Control
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Traffic Control

Use your powers of traffic persuasion to control the flow of vehicles in a construction site on a rainy day.

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