The Hub

The Hub: All-In-One VR Training Management System

From comprehensive data collection to easy training management,
the SkillsVR Hub is both enterprise-ready and user-friendly.

Streamlined Training Management

Schedule training sessions, manage organization accounts, send automated reminders, and much more—all on the Hub! Our system simplifies the plethora of manual training management tasks so you can focus on what matters most - growing your organization’s talent.

Smart Dashboard Reporting

At SkillsVR, we make it easy to keep track of your organization"s training progress. The Hub Dashboard offers top-level insights on any upcoming and completed VR sessions as well as detailed performance records on both individual and organizational levels.

Tailored User-Friendly Interface

The Hub isn’t just for administrative or facilitator teams, it’s for learners too! The system tailors its features to a user’s access level, giving learners their own set of functionality within the Hub. Learners can view e-learning courses, performance records, upcoming session details, and more, giving them ownership and control over their development.

Robust Security Protocols

Government-grade security protocols are set up to protect organizational and personal data across the entire SkillsVR ecosystem—from the management platform to the VR hardware and software.

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