The Facilitator: Remote VR Training Software

The SkillsVR Facilitator empowers remote work training
so you can provide the best quality training any time, anywhere.

Remote Training Facilitation

All the benefits of remote work training without the communication barriers - that’s the SkillsVR Facilitator promise. Live training monitoring coupled with built-in communication tools makes the Facilitator a convenient and effective way to provide immersive VR training from anywhere!

Intuitive Controls

Remote training facilitation is easier than ever with simple, intuitive controls, including first-person view toggles, phase transition control, dynamic environment monitoring, scenario recording, and more.

Recording Capabilities

Stay on top of training performance and compliance checks with the Facilitator’s recording features. Record video footage and audio clips of critical training tasks performed within the VR scenario, and easily access the files via the session’s observation record or in local storage.

Track Progress

Never miss a beat! The Facilitator’s Progress Log automatically keeps a full account of the learner’s actions within the VR session. Whether you want to cross reference the Observation Record’s assessment, or need to discuss assessment performance with the learner, the Progress Log adds a robust layer of accountability for the individual and the business.

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